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Trade and Distribution

If you have any questions about where to purchase our wine please contact us. If you are interested in distributing Maysara wines in your area please contact our President of Sales, Naseem Momtazi.

(503)-472-8880 National Sales Office

Find a Distributor

Looking to bring Maysara wines into your local business? Use our Buisness Locator tool below to find our Distribution partnerships in your state.

Simply select your state of business below and click the corresponding city to find local Distributor information:

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Technical Sheets



Bottle Shots

All provided as non-vintage, PNG with transparent background. Contact us if you need a different version.

Label File Type
Sparkling Pinot Noir Rose PNG
Arsheen Pinot Gris PNG
Autees Pinot Blanc PNG
Anahita Riesling PNG
Three Degrees Pinot Noir PNG
Jamsheed Pinot Noir PNG
Cyrus Pinot Noir PNG
Asha Pinot Noir PNG
Immigrant Pinot Noir PNG
Delara Pinot Noir PNG
Mitra Pinot Noir PNG




Type Of Logo File Type
Maysara Rectangular Gold Logo Rectangular PDF
Maysara Large Logo PDF
M Black Logo TIF
Demeter Black Logo PNG
Demeter Black Logo JPEG


Shelf Talkers








Label File Type
NV Sparkling Pinot Noir Rose PDF
2020 Arsheen Pinot Gris PDF
2021 Autees Pinot Blanc PDF
2017 Anahita Riesling PDF
2019 Three Degrees Pinot Noir PDF
2014 Jamsheed Pinot Noir PDF
2015 Cyrus Pinot Noir PDF
2015 Asha Pinot Noir PDF